When you need varicose vein treatment, go where the doctors go! Referring physicians have been so amazed with the work done by Metro Vein Centers that the practice has become the premier choice among the local medical community. “We are constantly treating doctors and nurses who have spent years standing on their feet,” said Dr. Gamal Wazni, medical director and cofounder of the practice.

Metro Vein Centers is the largest and fastest growing vein treatment center in metro Detroit. “Our rapid growth is directly related to our clinical success,” said Dr. Wazni. “Our patients are extremely happy with their results and their referrals have had a snowball effect, leading us to open two new locations in the past 12 months.”

Metro Vein Centers are now available in West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills and Dearborn. A fourth location is coming soon.

Technology has made varicose veins very treatable without invasive vein surgery. Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue. When valves in the veins don’t work, blood pools at

the bottom of the legs causing swelling, aching, cramps and heaviness. Left untreated, symptoms may progress and develop into more serious complications.

pic-article01-ameslemaniDr. Wazni and his partner, Dr. Ali Meslemani, use a sophisticated ultrasound to identify where the bad veins are and then employ high tech medical lasers to seal off the veins. The procedure is painless and requires little to no downtime.

“We can close a bad vein in about 45 minutes,” said Dr. Wazni. “Patients generally require one to four treatments, depending on their legs. There is no recovery time. They can walk around, go shopping, or return to work right after their appointment.”

Metro Vein Center also treats spider veins through the use of sclerotherapy. Veins are injected with a medication that causes them to close down. Over time, the veins become reabsorbed by the body.

Visit www.MetroVeinCenters.com or phone us to schedule a free consultation. Varicose vein treatment is covered by most insurance.