Dr. Gulshan Sethi

Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon and Vein Specialist

Brooklyn & Yonkers

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Meet Dr. Sethi

Dr. Gulshan Sethi, D.O. is a board-certified vascular surgeon who has focused his life’s work on providing patients relief from their vein and vascular conditions through his unique approach to minimally invasive treatments.

After receiving his degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completing a Vascular Surgery Fellowship at the University of Buffalo at Catholic Health System, Dr. Sethi continued his training at the Royal College of Surgeons, where he advanced his understanding of the latest venous treatment pioneered in Europe. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and honors in his field, including "Excellence in Clinical Education" as a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Society for academic achievement.

Today Dr. Sethi uses the latest radiofrequency and laser therapies to help patients in the Brooklyn and Yonkers communities get relief from vein and vascular disorders and ultimately improve their quality of life.

“My approach to providing the best possible patient care is simple: take the time to evaluate the whole patient, understand their concerns, and educate them on their options. Often there are many minimally invasive, convenient ways to help them reach their goals.”
Dr. Gulshan SethiBoard-Certified Vascular Surgeon and Vein Specialist

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  • “Dr. Sethi is so kind and a very good surgeon. I would highly recommend him for anyone with vein concerns. He treated both me and my sister and it has been an amazing experience.”
  • “Dr. Sethi and his staff are so empathetic and caring. My legs have been pain free for the first time ever. He takes his time to answer all my questions, and I trust him and his staff beyond any doubt.”
  • “Dr. Sethi has a wonderful manner and his staff was excellent as well. I would definitely go back.”
  • “Dr. Sethi Gave me new insight into something I thought was going to be way more difficult to deal with. What was a total pain ended up being not a big deal to remedy. Dr. Sethi made it a good experience.”
  • “I have not had any pain in my legs since visiting Dr. Sethi. He got to the bottom of what was bothering me and pinpointed exactly the best way to deal with it.”
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