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Best Spider Vein Removal Treatments

April 2, 2024

We know that no one loves to see spider veins, those intricate clusters of red, blue, green, or purple veins, spreading across their skin's surface. Thankfully, advancements in vein care technology allow effective, non-invasive treatments to permanently remove spider veins.

Here, we’ll delve into two of the most trusted methods for spider vein removal: sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. We'll also debunk common misconceptions touted by medspas and less-reputable sources, to make sure you’ve got all the information you need for spider vein removal that’s quick, gentle, and effective.

Sclerotherapy: a Tried and True Solution

Sclerotherapy is often referred to as the “gold standard” in vein care, not only for its high success rate with spider veins, but for its duality: Sclerotherapy can also be used to treat small or medium-sized varicose veins (a common visible symptom of chronic venous insufficiency).

This minimally invasive procedure involves the precise injection of a medicinal foam (brand name Asclera) directly into the problematic veins. This method is incredibly precise, and results are immediate: You can literally watch your spider veins being treated in real time!

This gentle medicinal solution dissolves spider veins, which fade as the body reabsorbs them over time. On average, a patient with visible spider veins on their legs will need 2–4 treatments to achieve full results. This number may vary depending on the intensity of pigmentation and what surface area is treated — namely, how much of the skin is covered by spider veins, which most commonly appear on the ankles, feet, and behind the knees.

For deeper veins, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is used. Even so, this is a minimally invasive treatment, which means it requires minimal downtime, enabling patients to resume their daily activities immediately after their appointment. No hospital stay or bed rest is required. Given its longstanding reputation for safety and effectiveness, sclerotherapy remains a top choice for individuals seeking long-lasting relief from spider veins.

Laser Vein Treatment: The Future of Spider Vein Removal is Here

In recent years, laser vein treatment has emerged as another formidable contender in the fight against spider veins. This 100% non-invasive treatment uses targeted laser energy to pinpoint problematic veins on the surface of the skin, prompting the body's natural healing processes to remove them gradually.

The precision and efficacy of laser vein treatment is unmatched, allowing for the selective targeting of veins while sparing surrounding skin from damage. This is an excellent option for those who hate needles, as there are no injections. This surface-level treatment means minimal discomfort and shorter recovery times compared to outdated surgical approaches. Many patients experience significant improvement after just a few treatment sessions, making laser vein treatment an attractive option.

This treatment also takes only about 30 minutes to complete. Aftercare is simple: UV exposure following laser is a big no-no, so protect your skin from direct sun exposure with longer pants, skirts, or compression stockings. Compression can also be used to minimize any temporary swelling as a result of the laser.

An important note regarding laser: Because of how it targets pigment, laser is not recommended for use on those with deeper skin tones, as the laser may actually target melanin in the skin rather than exclusively targeting pigmented spider veins. Your doctor will discuss this with you during your free evaluation and while designing your customized treatment plan.

Be Wary of Med Spas and DIY Tools

There may seem to be a lot of spider vein removal solutions available, so it's crucial to discern between evidence-based treatments and unverified methods. Creams, essential oils, and other over-the-counter remedies may claim to offer aesthetic results, but lack any scientific backing to produce lasting improvements. Always check for FDA approval when seeking treatment!

Additionally, medspas or non-medical facilities may lead individuals astray, as they often lack the expertise necessary to ensure safe and effective treatments. Laser is a fantastic solution in the hands of a trained, board-certified professional, but someone without adequate training can cause scarring and burn the skin. You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong hands. Additionally, do not be fooled by “blue light therapy” or “blue light pens” — these devices are often used by medspas or offered online as a DIY solution to spider veins. These devices are often battery-powered and composed of cheap plastic, and notably do not require training or certification to use… which is a hint at their lack of effectiveness!

Likewise, it can be tempting to seek out DIY or at-home solutions, too. With many creams, lotions, oils, and other topical products claiming to firm, erase, remove, and fade spider veins, it can be difficult to determine what is real and what is a gimmick. The long and short of it: No lotion, gel, essential oil, or firming agent can penetrate the skin and reach your veins — so these targeted products should be considered scams and ignored.

Finding the Right Provider

Safeguard your body and health from untrained providers, unproven products, and more. We encourage you to seek evidence-based treatments so you can experience the results you deserve. Entrust your care to a board-certified vein specialist with proper training and access to the latest advancements in vein treatment technology. Keep an eye out for FDA approval, professional certifications, and proven results.

A true specialist can customize your treatment plan to address your exact concerns, with plenty of real-patient reviews, testimonials, and anything you need to feel comfortable and confident. If you can’t easily find credible testimonials from real people (not just before-and-after images, which are often edited when marketing these topical solutions for spider veins), keep looking!

30 Minutes to Happy Legs

Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment both offer safe, effective, minimally invasive, and non-invasive solutions to your vein care concerns with proven, lasting results. Our team of board-certified vein specialists offer free vein evaluations in all of our New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona vein clinics. We’ll determine which spider vein removal method is best suited for you and will offer the best possible results. We exclusively offer FDA-approved, minimally invasive vein treatments for both varicose veins and spider veins. Our state-of-the-art vein treatments can be performed in under 30 minutes, in our accredited vein clinics, by our certified vein doctors.

Give us a call at 866-353-5558 to schedule your free vein evaluation and get started on your vein treatment journey!

Trusted insight from the nationally accredited, board-certified vein doctors at Metro Vein Centers.

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