No matter the type of vein disease you may have, whether it’s mild like spider veins, or more serious like venous stasis ulcers, our vein doctors have the expertise you need. At our vein clinic, we use advanced diagnostics and offer a variety of advanced treatment methods to improve your circulation and restore your vein health.

Comprehensive New Jersey Vein Treatment from Our Expert Vein Doctors

Spider veins typically appear on the face, chest, legs, but they can be found almost anywhere on the body. Patients often see our vein doctors to eliminate these sometimes unsightly “webs” located near the skin’s surface because they discolor the skin. After our simple and quick spider vein treatments, patients feel more confident facing social situations and are free to wear clothing that shows off their newly smooth skin and even skin tone.

Venous stasis ulcers are slow-healing wounds often found on the lower legs of people with compromised circulation. Adequate blood flow to all parts of the body, including the extremities, is essential for keep the body healthy and promote wound healing. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to energize every cell in the body. The presence of venous stasis ulcers means we need to take steps to restore circulation to your lower legs.

Strategies to manage the venous insufficiency that causes stasis dermatitis:

  • Prescription compression stockings can help reduce swelling and improve the flow of blood from the legs back to the heart and lungs. This helps improve circulation to help heal ulcers or dermatitis.
  • Your vascular surgeon will typically advise you to avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.
  • We will recommend you sit with your leg propped above your thigh level. When lying down, prop your leg above your heart.
  • Our vein surgeons will monitor your progress and wound (or skin irritation) healing.
  • To inform additional treatment, we use sophisticated duplex ultrasound to locate problem veins.
  • Abnormal veins, such as varicose veins, may require vein treatments like sclerotherapy and/or EVLT (endovenous laser therapy), which our vein surgeon may use to close poorly functioning veins. This strategy helps restore circulation (through nearby healthy veins), which helps to heal your wounds or dermatitis.

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When you need superficial spider vein treatment, or New Jersey vein treatment for more serious circulatory issues, like venous stasis ulcers, our expert vascular surgeons are ready to help. We offer custom tailored vein treatments, which are minimally invasive, to restore your vein health. Take an important first step today to treat your vein problems–contact us at our Metro Vein Centers location in Florham NJ. Call us at 888-424-3882 today.