Thin, tiny visible dark blue or red veins on the face can be unsightly and unwanted. Luckily, these facial spider veins can be treated with just a few visits with the doctors at Metro Vein Centers.

While visible facial veins can be treated with the help of a vein doctor, the treatment used often differs from the treatment you will receive for visible spider or varicose veins in the legs, feet, or arms. The following takes a look at how facial vein treatment differs from treatment of visible veins in the legs, arms, or feet.

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Why is There a Difference in Treating Facial Spider Veins?

Fundamentally, there is no difference between facial veins and leg, feet, or arm veins, yet the treatment used is different. There is a difference in treatment used because of what is causing the veins to become visible.

Visible veins in the legs, arms, and feet are often caused by the pooling of blood. The blood pools in the veins because of gravity. This is different from visible facial veins, as those are often caused by subtle damage to the veins or other medical conditions, such as rosacea. The difference in the cause of these visible veins is why treatment will usually be different for veins in the face than veins in the feet, legs, or arms.

How Facial Spider Veins and Visible Leg Veins are Treated by a Vein Doctor

Large, bulging veins in the legs, arms, and feet are often treated with injections. Injectable treatment options are preferred for these types of visible veins because the solution blocks the blood flow to the impacted veins and forces the body to reroute the blood to healthier veins.  Sclerotherapy, the injection of a medicated sclerosing solution, is the most common treatment option for leg, arm, and feet veins.

Since facial veins are often shallower and smaller, other treatment options are more successful. In most cases, when a vein doctor wants to treat facial veins he or she will use specialized light based procedures to reduce the appearance of the veins. Light based procedures that are often used include laser treatments or broad spectrum pulse light treatments.

Visit a Vein Doctor to Create a Customized Treatment Plan for Visible Facial Veins
The vein doctors at Metro Vein Centers in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Michigan have experience treating facial spider veins. We offer a variety of treatment options that includes transdermal laser treatment and endovenous laser treatment. Call us to schedule a free consultation to discuss treatment options for any visible veins on the face.