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Does Weight Gain Contribute to Vein Disease?

Weight gain can cause or contribute to lots of diseases and medical problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease...

tags 2017 | September | 24

The Most Common Varicose Vein Complications

Varicose veins are ugly, sure, but they can also cause serious medical problems when they’re not promptly treated by a vei...

tags 2017 | September | 19

What is Compression Therapy?

If you’re one of the 25 million people in the United States who suffer from varicose veins and/or poor circulation in the ...

tags 2017 | September | 18

What Are Vulvar Varicosities?

Do you have a feeling of pressure or fullness in the area of your vulva? Does your vulva feel swollen? Do sex, exercise, a...

tags 2017 | September | 15

Why See a Vein Treatment Specialist for Varicose Veins?

There are a variety of paths patients take to get to our vein treatment specialist, and some are quicker and more effectiv...

tags 2017 | September | 11

How Vein Disease Treatment Works

Vein disease is very common in the United States. In fact, a third of all people over the age of 45 in the U.S. have some ...

tags 2016 | September | 29

Why Physicians Recommend Sclerotherapy Treatment

To relieve patient concerns linked to unwanted spider and varicose veins, doctors have relied on sclerotherapy treatment f...

tags 2016 | September | 28

Houston Vein Doctors Discuss Various Varicose Vein Treatments

If you are like 22 million women and 11 million men in the United States, you struggle with the pain and embarrassment of ...

tags 2016 | September | 20

How Does Transdermal Laser Treatment Compare to Sclerotherapy?

If you have spider veins, you have a few options for treating them. One option, transdermal laser therapy, uses laser ligh...

tags 2016 | September | 20

Everything You Need to Know about Vein Disease

If you have vein disease, you are not alone – one in three people in the United States over the age of 45 has some type of...

tags 2016 | September | 15