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  • Metro Vein Centers in Dearborn has been a life saver for me after years of issues with my legs. The staff is very professional and kind to their patients. It was very efficient with quick service.
    Patricia, DearbornPatriciaDearborn
  • Metro Vein Centers couldn't have been more caring and professional throughout the treatments. My legs have never felt better! If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely choose MVC.
    Nate, DearbornNateDearborn
  • I visited Metro Vein Centers in Dearborn and was met with a wonderful and polite staff. The doctor was also friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to my procedure.
    Danny, DearbornDannyDearborn
  • Dr. Schulz is one of the best around. He has a well-informed way of telling you exactly what might be going on without making it sound overly complicated.
    David, DearbornDavidDearborn

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See Before & After Gallery
  • My mother recommended me to Metro Vein Centers and they made me feel like family. I was extremely happy to finally find out what was wrong with my legs and also to know they would take care of me.
    Shantell, DearbornShantellDearborn
  • Dr. Schulz is a hero. We got along in a way that put my worries at ease, considering I had a pretty serious case of varicose veins. I’m very grateful for him.
    Sean, DearbornSeanDearborn
  • The Dearborn office has been exceptionally good with my treatments. The office setting is a warm and comfortable environment. The staff is very friendly and make me feel like family.
    Roger, DearbornRogerDearborn
  • Dr. Schulz was able to quickly diagnose something that I thought would end up being a major surgery someday, but he used top-of-the-line technology to alleviate my pain once and for all.
    Helen, DearbornHelenDearborn
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