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  • Dr. Dyson is the doctor to see if you are having problems with your veins. He made me feel comfortable and told me everything he was doing step-by-step. I'm so very thankful that I can start to get my body back in order.
    Patricia, UnionPatriciaUnion
  • The staff at this clinic is on the ball and they have top notch doctors. It was relatively painless to deal with Metro Vein Centers and their process. Would recommend.
    Ingrid, UnionIngridUnion
  • This is the go-to place for leg pain. Dr. Dyson gave me a number of options and had a great positive attitude. It seems like they really love doing what they do here.
    Grace, UnionGraceUnion
  • The doctors here are super informed and really believe in the tools they’re using. They legitimately make miracles happen to your skin with just a simple clinical procedure. I’m grateful to have found them.
    Maria, UnionMariaUnion

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See Before & After Gallery
  • My experience with Dr. Dyson led me to recommend him to my extended family who were also having some of the same leg issues that I was. Dr. Dyson was great with everyone.
    Yiris, UnionYirisUnion
  • I couldn’t be happier with Metro Vein Centers. They made it easy to work with my schedule and my insurance and were honest about the recovery time of my vein treatment, which ended up being just a few weeks.
    Delia, UnionDeliaUnion
  • Dr. Dyson is running a great operation at this clinic. I could tell he was focused and committed, and had the right tools at hand and explained specifically why they only use certain treatments. I was super impressed.
    Jim, UnionJimUnion
  • Thanking Dr Dyson for his excellent care. He has great bedside manners and educates you on your procedures. His staff is fantastic. Everyone is helpful and very professional. I'm blessed to have found a group like this. Keep up the excellent work!!!
    Linda, UnionLindaUnion
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