When many people think of varicose vein treatment, they think of surgery. That’s certainly a common way to handle the issue, but if you need vein treatment, sclerotherapy is one of the options to consider. This is done by injecting a solution into the vein, which causes it to seal itself up and disappear. It’s generally very safe, and is used by many vein doctors. If your veins don’t need surgical intervention, or if you’re not a good candidate for surgery for some reason, sclerotherapy will likely be recommended to you.

When you visit the vein clinic to see what treatment options you have and talk to the vascular surgeons there, be sure to ask them about sclerotherapy. Many people like to have their varicose veins treated that way, because they don’t have to have surgery and they can get back to their life very quickly. You’ll want to follow all your doctor’s instructions, but your downtime and activity restrictions will generally be very minimal with this type of procedure. For busy people who can’t afford to take a lot of time off, it can be the right choice.

Vein Treatment Can Improve Health and Looks

Getting varicose vein treatment is often about looks, at least for the patient. These veins can be unsightly, and vein doctors have many ways they can make legs look better by reducing or eliminating the appearance of varicose veins. However, having this problem corrected by vascular surgeons at a vein clinic is about more than just how your legs look. Varicose veins can also cause health problems, and they can be a symptom of other health concerns. By finding and treating those other problems, it’s much easier to ensure that you’re as healthy as possible.

Then the veins become a secondary issue, and they can be treated appropriately after the other conditions are brought under control. Not only will your legs look better, but you’ll feel better and healthier, as well. Treating varicose veins can eliminate a lot of the itching, pain, heaviness, and restlessness that comes with the condition, so you’ll get better sleep, be able to be more active, and not have to worry about how your legs are feeling anymore. It’s an excellent way to boost your confidence and also improve your overall health.