It is possible to reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins with the use of a medical procedure known as sclerotherapy. This medical procedure involves having one of the vein doctors inject a substance, usually a salty solution, into the veins. Once injected, the solution will cause some irritation to the blood vessels in the vein. The irritation will cause the veins to reroute the blood to other, more healthier veins, which reduces the appearance of the bulging varicose or spider veins.

While a sclerotherapy session can be scheduled for any time of the year, it is important to take a few things into consideration before booking your appointment at a New Jersey vein center.

The Recovery Time

There is very little down time associated with this medical procedure. Unfortunately, every patient heals at his or her own pace, which means some patients will be able to return to work the same day as their procedure, while others may need to spend a few days recovering at home.

No Exercise is Allowed for Several Days After Procedure

Even though the recovery time is fairly quick and there are very few side effects associated with this varicose and spider vein treatment, there are still some restrictions that will be placed on your activities. One of those restrictions involves the amount of exercise you are allowed to do.

Most patients are encouraged to take it easy for several days following their procedure. This means no engaging in overly strenuous activities, such as running, jogging, or advanced cardio.

If you are planning on taking part in an activity that involves a lot of movement, you may want to make sure you schedule your procedure for another date. This will allow you to still take part in your activity, while giving yourself proper time to heal.

The Need to Wear Compression Socks

In the days following your procedure, you will be required to wear compression socks. Many individuals feel uncomfortable walking around in public wearing compression socks. If you do not feel comfortable wearing compression socks, you may want to consider scheduling your appointment for a time when it is more appropriate to wear long pants.

When discussing the possibility of using sclerotherapy to treat your spider or varicose veins with your doctor at Metro Vein Center, feel free to ask them when the best time would be to schedule your appointment. The doctors at the vein clinic will be willing to provide you with guidance regarding what time and date would be appropriate for scheduling your appointment.