Varicose veins are not pretty. They are knotted, twisted, bulging veins that show up dark purple or dark blue on your lower legs. They can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about wearing anything besides long pants.

Worse, they can be uncomfortable and a health risk. When they get bad, varicose veins can make your legs feel itchy and burning. Your legs can swell, and you can even develop dangerous blood clots.

You do not need to simply put up with your varicose veins forever. Detroit vein doctors can provide treatment that works quickly, is only minimally invasive, and does not interfere with your life.

Ultrasound for proper diagnostics

It is important to understand the exact status of your varicose veins before you begin treatment. For that reason, vascular surgeons conduct a duplex ultrasound during your first visit to the Detroit vein clinic. The technique helps them visualize what is happening under your skin. Detroit vein doctors can see your veins, the flow of your blood, and any abnormalities such as plaque that is built up in your blood vessels. This information allows vascular surgeons to determine the possible causes of your varicose veins, and to suggest the best likely varicose vein treatment options.

Endovenous Treatment

Endovenous treatment therapy is state-of-the-art. It uses a laser or radiofrequency pulse to bring heat to the varicose veins. The walls of the veins eventually scar and collapse, so blood can no longer pool there.

The Venefit procedure is one of the primary methods your Detroit vein clinic may use. Venefit uses radiofrequency to destroy the target veins. Formerly called VNUS Closure, Venefit can be effective in a single treatment session that lasts less than an hour, and you can go right back to work and other activities.


In sclerotherapy, vascular surgeons inject a saline solution into your varicose veins. The purpose is to destroy the vein walls. To make the process more precise, your Detroit vein treatment will likely include ultrasound to guide the sclerotherapy. That way, your vein doctor can guide the needle with confidence. The appointment may take about 30 minutes.

Other Treatment Options

In ambulatory phlebectomy, vascular surgeons pull out the target veins through small pricks made in your skin. It takes place under local anesthetic. This procedure is mainly cosmetic, and you are likely to get it together with other options for varicose vein treatment.

Vein stripping is a final varicose vein treatment strategy, but it is now rare. The other strategies have largely replaced it because they are more effective and more comfortable, and require less recovery time.