When you have varicose veins, it’s natural to wonder if there is a risk to your health. Do you have vein disease, or are the blue or purple leg veins, sometimes bulging or knotty, “just” a cosmetic issue? Your uncertainty can delay important treatment decisions and allow vascular disease to develop or worsen. Most insurers won’t consider your vein exam “just cosmetic,” but remember their rules may vary. The short answer is: varicose veins should always be examined, evaluated and properly (typically non-invasively) treated at your conveniently located Metro Vein Center in NJ, because they can be a sign of developing vascular disease.

Why Varicose Veins Require Medical Attention: Evaluating Vein Disease

Varicose veins, it’s true, often affect the way your legs look. The visual effect typically gets worse, becoming more noticeable, if veins go untreated. This is enough to prompt a visit to the vein doctor. Dismissing varicose veins as “just cosmetic” is bad for your health. There is no way to know the condition of your vascular system–without a quick visit to your vein doctor in Florham Park, NJ. Take varicose veins as a sign to be investigated.

When you notice something (anything) unusual occurring in your body, like varicose veins, you should always learn “why” from an expert. To assess the seriousness of your vascular problem, count on our New Jersey vein specialists. Our vein surgeons, provide expert assessment of your vascular health. Typically, vascular specialists will determine that your varicose veins can be easily eliminated.

Monitoring Vascular Problems: Follow Up Visits

The good news is that, even if serious vein problems are discovered, vein treatments are typically minimally invasive, nearly painless and extremely effective. Our vein specialists will recommend treatment options for your vascular disease, eliminate current varicose veins and explain how often vein problems should be monitored.

After treatment to eliminate varicose veins, the problem may recur. If you have a genetic tendency to develop varicose veins or your lifestyle causes their development, abnormal veins tend to return. It’s important to remember that these are new varicose veins and they can, again, be safely treated to maintain proper, healthy circulation–and also restore the appearance of your legs.

Your Vascular Exam: What to Expect

Exams include discussing your medical history, along with a physical examination of your legs, and any areas with symptoms of poor circulation. In addition, a non-invasive ultrasound exam can pinpoint the vascular issue, guide treatment, and reveal any problems not showing up on the surface of the skin. Vascular exams and varicose vein treatment/monitoring will help protect your health, by catching future vein disease before it threatens your health or quality of life. Contact the vein specialists at Metro Vein Centers in New Jersey, today.