Compression Therapy

When combined with guidance from certified vein doctors, at-home compression stocking therapy can help relieve symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency such as aching and swelling and improve circulation throughout your legs.

What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy is the use of medical-grade compression stockings along with other at-home conservative treatments such as leg elevation, to improve the blood circulation in your legs and help relieve symptoms associated with vein disease (aka Chronic Venous Insufficiency). These over-the-knee stockings can be worn by themselves or beneath longer clothing, such as skirts and trousers. Medical-grade strength stockings range between 20-50 mmHg (the same unit used to measure blood pressure) and can be prescribed by a doctor, purchased at any Metro Vein Centers location, or purchased directly online.

What Compression Therapy Treats

Vein Treatment FAQs

  • Compression therapy is an at-home care option that can be used in lieu of or in coordination with a comprehensive vein treatment plan. The ultimate goal of wearing compression stockings is to improve circulation by providing gentle, upward pressure on your veins to help you vein valves pump blood back to your heart efficiently.

    Compression stockings can be used in addition to vein therapies that treat and/or remove varicose veins, as well as a home remedy for managing milder symptoms. When used from home, we recommend keeping an eye on your symptoms and considering medical vein treatment if you are not able to accomplish lasting relief, or if you are experiencing pain or noticeable discomfort despite consistent use.

  • Often the first step in the vein treatment process is trying compression stockings to evaluate if they relieve symptoms without the need for treatment. If compression stockings improve your comfort levels and help you to manage your symptoms, you may not need vein treatment at this time (though we recommend coming in to consult with a board-certified vein specialist for an in-person evaluation to understand your treatment options).

    If symptoms progress or you are not able to tolerate compression stockings, you may need to come in for minimally invasive vein treatment to repair weak, broken, or leaking valves in your veins.

    • Compression stockings can be worn daily (though we advise removing them before you sleep)
    • Compression can alleviate swelling, which decreases discomfort levels
    • Wearing compression stockings is known to improve circulation, supporting blood flow not unlike mild muscle contractions from exercise
    • Stockings are available in varying degrees of compression (we recommend 20-30 mmHg) and in multiple colors (both neutrals and skin tones)
  • Compression stockings can be sold online and are often supplied by physicians at a vein clinic. For example, we provide compression stockings for patients after most varicose vein treatments (excluding VenaSeal, which does not require the use of compression post-treatment due to rapidly-hardening bioadhesive supplying pressure on treated veins).

  • Our vein specialists recommend compression of at least 20 mmHg for the best possible results. We also recommend choosing compression socks that are fitted by height, and not by standard S/M/L sizing. If possible, always opt for over-the-knee or thigh-high compression stockings, as these will provide maximum coverage (including additional UV protection in warmer months) and support both your calf and thigh with graduated compression. Shorter styles are available, but do not compress the entire leg and may be less effective at relieving your symptoms.

  • Unfortunately, no. Vein diseases such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins are progressive, which means they worsen over time the longer they go untreated. Compression, while beneficial, is not a permanent treatment for varicose veins. Supporting good circulation and reducing swelling may help alleviate discomfort from painful symptoms of vein disease, but compression stockings will not make varicose veins fade or go away. Regular use may help to keep symptoms mild while you pursue vein treatment, or help to postpone vein treatment.

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