Venous disease occurs frequently, especially as we age. However, if you are just beginning to experience the symptoms of abnormal veins, you may wish to learn more about this common condition. Below is some basic information about venous disease and how it occurs.

Defining Vein Disease

Venous disease is a condition that develops when the veins are no longer functioning properly. This leads to changes in the appearance of the veins, as well as uncomfortable symptoms that may diminish your quality of life.

What Causes It?

The most common cause of vein disease is venous insufficiency. This condition occurs when the valves inside your veins stop working like they should. Instead of closing off completely, they allow blood to pool and flow backward. This leads to the symptoms of vein disease.

Symptoms of Vein Disease

The most noticeable symptom of vein disease is a change in the appearance of the veins. You may notice small, web-like veins in your hands, feet, legs or chest, for example. These are known as “spider veins.” People with vein disease may also notice large, bulging veins in the legs. These are known as “varicose veins.”

For some people, a change in the appearance of the veins is the only symptom of vein disease. However, other people may also experience pain, cramping, throbbing, tingling, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms in the legs.

Can it be Treated?

Fortunately, most cases of vein disease will respond to treatment. The goal of treatment is to not only improve the appearance of varicose veins, but also to alleviate any symptoms associated with the patient’s abnormal veins. If you are suffering from spider veins, treatment options include sclerotherapy and transdermal laser treatment. If you are suffering from varicose veins, treatment options include sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy. Vein stripping, which was once a standard treatment, is now used very infrequently.

If you believe that you may have vein disease, seeking treatment can help you to regain your confidence and improve your quality of life. Contact Metro Vein Centers to learn more.