Varicose veins occur when healthy veins start to malfunction, and the tiny valves inside veins stop working properly, allowing blood to “pool up” and causing veins to bulge and appear purplish or blue. As far as aesthetics are concerned, they can be – let’s be perfectly honest – downright ugly to look at. And for many patients, they can cause feelings of self-consciousness that can prevent them from wearing shorts, bathing suits and skirts.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The cosmetic effects of varicose veins may be upsetting, but most varicose veins also begin to cause much more bothersome symptoms over time when left untreated. These symptoms can include pain, numbness, burning and itching sensations, weakness and feelings of fatigue in the foot and ankle, and often, varicose veins are a sign of deeper vein problems that can cause problems with circulation. The skin over varicose veins is often quite fragile, and scratching or vigorously rubbing them to provide some temporary relief for symptoms often results in sores and ulcers which, because the vessels are compromised already, can take a long time to heal, posing a serious risk of infection.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Symptom Relief Without Major Downtime

Years ago, varicose vein treatment meant long incisions and a similarly long recovery time to allow incisions to heal, plus the risks that go along with more major surgical procedures. But today, many varicose veins can be treated with a simpler, safer, minimally-invasive technique called ambulatory phlebectomy.

In this approach, once your veins have been carefully evaluated by vein experts, treatment is performed using several very tiny incisions located along the length of the affected vein. These small incisions enable easy access to the varicose vein so it can be carefully and easily removed without the need for more extensive vein surgery. Ambulatory phlebectomy is ideal for bulging superficial varicose veins, and it can be used with other techniques like endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) for more complex vein issues to help achieve an optimal result in every patient. Plus, the procedure can be performed in an outpatient setting, there’s no protracted recovery time and very little discomfort, if any. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll need to wear compression stockings or hose during recovery to help the treated area heal more quickly and to reduce minor swelling that can occur following vein surgery. Before you know it, your healing will be complete, and you’ll be rid of unsightly, painful veins.

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About one of every two people over the age of 50 will have varicose veins, according to data from the Society of Interventional Radiology, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from their signs and symptoms. As a top Michigan Vein Clinic, Metro Vein Centers offers patients safe, state-of-the-art care from the top Detroit vein doctors, so men and women can find relief from pain and other issues. To learn if ambulatory phlebectomy could be a good choice for you, call us today at 888-424-3882 and schedule a free consultation.