If you are suffering from varicose veins, ambulatory phlebectomy may be the best available treatment option. This procedure offers a number benefits that make it the ideal choice for many patients. Below is an overview of some of the most notable benefits of this procedure.

1. It offers superior results.

Ambulatory phlebectomy results in the complete removal of the diseased vein from the body. This leads to an immediate reduction in symptoms, as well as a quick improvement in the appearance of the individual’s veins. Other treatment options, such as endovenous ablation, leave the diseased vein in place after it has been treated. Although these treatments can provide excellent results, the results appear more gradually over time.

2. It can be used on large veins.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is appropriate even when varicose veins are large. However, it is best for veins that are close to the surface of the skin. Patients with deeper varicose veins may benefit more from endovenous ablation.

3. It won’t leave large scars.

When a surgeon performs ambulatory phlebectomy, he or she makes small punctures in the skin near the affected vein. The surgeon then removes the diseased vein in pieces using small surgical hooks. This process leaves you with very small surgical incisions that won’t leave large scars or require intensive post-surgical care.

4. It doesn’t require hospitalization or general anesthesia.

Ambulatory phlebectomy procedures can be performed in the comfort of your vein doctor’s office. You won’t need to be hospitalized for the procedure, and you can leave the office shortly after it is complete. Ambulatory phlebectomy can also be performed without the use of general anesthesia.

5. It doesn’t require significant downtime.

After your ambulatory phlebectomy procedure is complete, you can return to your normal activities quickly without spending time in bed or off your feet. Although you may be asked to refrain from certain activities that increase your risk of complications, such as swimming, recovery is relatively fast and easy.

If you think that ambulatory phlebectomy may be the right choice for you, you need to visit a vein doctor. Please contact Metro Vein Centers today to schedule your first appointment.