Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Hugh Pabarue in Good Housekeeping 

Congratulations to Dr. Hugh Pabarue at our Clinton Township and Rochester Hills locations for his featured profile in Good Housekeeping Magazine! Read more about Metro Vein Center’s compassionate and cutting-edge treatment below: 

Compassionate and Cutting Edge

With superior outcomes and enthusiastic patient testimonials, Dr. Hugh Pabarue at Metro Vein Centers is a choice you can trust.

From visible spider veins to the medically significant varicose veins, Dr. Hugh Pabarue has treated thousands of patients suffering from vein disease at his Clinton Township Metro Vein Centers office, one of several locations throughout the country. Dr. Pabarue, triple board-certified in phlebology, internal medicine, and pediatrics, made the move from private practice to vein care in 2013. The decision to make such a significant change, he says, has been professionally rewarding. “In treating vein disease, I get to see the progress and positive outcomes that result from the procedures I perform,” he adds. “Frequently, when I first meet patients, they are coming to the office with walkers or in wheelchairs. Within six months, these same patients are active and walking on their own. It’s more rewarding than anything else I’ve done. This is why I do this.”

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Vein Disease

Many of Dr. Pabarue’s patients present with symptoms including visible spider or bulging varicose veins, leg pain, swelling, itchiness, excessive fatigue or Compassionate and Cutting Edge With superior outcomes and enthusiastic patient testimonials, Dr. Hugh Pabarue at Metro Vein Centers is a choice you can trust. heaviness, night cramps, restless legs, numbness or tingling, or burning and throbbing. He also treats many wound care patients—patients whose underlying vein issue is poor circulation and who may have been dealing with open wounds for several weeks to years. “Metro Vein Centers is committed to finding and treating the source of the patient’s vein issues, and we focus on the medical reasons for vein treatment,” Dr. Pabarue explains. “We recognize that if left untreated or unchecked, the potential ramifications of venous insufficiency include the inability to walk long distances, debility, and blood clots that can travel to the lungs, heart, and brain.” Venous insufficiency occurs due to stress on the veins and the valves in the veins. When damaged valves are unable to push the blood back to the heart, the blood may pool, and symptoms may start.

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Vein Disease Treatments

Procedures available today are vastly different than those prevalent in the past. Most are also quick to perform and can be completed during a patient’s lunch break. Heat (laser) and radiofrequency ablation, ultrasoundguided sclerotherapy, and Varithena® and visual sclerotherapy are among Dr. Pabarue’s preferred treatments. With ablation, unhealthy veins are cauterized, forcing the blood to reroute through healthy veins. In sclerotherapy, deficient veins are injected with a salt-alcohol mixture that causes the veins to shut down, also rerouting the blood. Varithena is another option in which a biologically safe chemical foam is injected into the vein, causing it to spasm and shut down. All such procedures are minimally invasive and nearly pain-free, and recovery time is virtually nonexistent. Most patients can return to work and their regular activities the same day. Dr. Pabarue’s well-rounded approach to patient care includes a comfortable environment for patients and staff. “Not only is the Metro Vein team warm and friendly, but we are also serious about efficiency,” says Dr. Pabarue. “We know our patients’ time is valuable, so we strive to keep our wait times under 10 minutes for their scheduled appointments.” – Good Housekeeping Magazine, Regional Spotlight