Almost everyone will notice changes to their veins as they age. However, for many people, these changes become bothersome. When these changes begin to interfere with your quality of life, you may wonder whether you would benefit from professional treatment. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether it is the right time for you to make an appointment with a vein treatment specialist. 

1. How has the appearance of my veins changed?

For many patients, the first sign of abnormal veins is an obvious change in the appearance of the veins. If spider veins have developed, patients may notice small blue or purple veins that appear in web formations beneath the skin. If varicose veins have developed, patients may notice larger, twisted veins that are gnarled and swollen. In some cases, these veins are deep within the tissues. In other cases, they protrude from the skin’s surface.

If you have noticed any of these changes, you should consider making an appointment at a vein clinic.

2. Am I experiencing symptoms because of my abnormal veins?

Some people with abnormal veins don’t experience any additional symptoms. However, if your case is more severe, you may experience pain, throbbing, cramping, tingling, swelling, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms are most common in the legs and they tend to worsen if you sit or stand for a long time. In the worst cases, the skin near your abnormal veins may even ulcerate, putting you at risk of infection and other complications.

3. How are my abnormal veins affecting my life?

In some cases, you may be able to continue living a normal life with abnormal veins. However, if your condition worsens, you may not be able to ignore the veins anymore. You may experience pain that prevents you from participating in activities you once enjoyed, or you may find that you don’t have the stamina to stay on your feet at work. If you notice that your veins are affecting your life significantly, it is time to seek professional treatment.

4. Have I tried to remedy the condition on my own?

Some people are able to improve the symptoms and appearance of abnormal veins through non-invasive at-home remedies, such as wearing compression stockings or elevating the legs. If you are carrying extra weight, you may also be able to improve your symptoms through weight loss. If you have already tried these remedies with no luck, or if you believe that your condition is too advanced, visiting a vein treatment specialist is recommended.

If you are ready to seek treatment for your abnormal veins, please make an appointment with Metro Vein Centers today.