Men Suffer From Varicose Veins Too

At our Detroit vein clinic our vascular surgeons recognize that both men and women suffer from varicose and spider veins. Often reported by women as an unsightly cosmetic issue, vein wellness affects men, but may be less reported because of the way society views these concerns or because many men may not consider varicose veins to be an issue. Vein disease is however a serious health concern that is a greater reflection of overall cardiovascular health. 

It has been estimated by the National Institute’s of Health that an average 30 % of men suffer from some form of vein disease showing that varicose veins go beyond being a cosmetic concern. Many men will experience heavy leg issues, discoloration, skin ulcers and bleeding. Much of this largely depends on genetic predisposition, but our Detroit vein doctors assure patients that the safe procedures that have been developed help remove the idea that your genes are your “life’s sentence”- Detroit vein treatment can be very effective despite having a genetic predisposition to varicose and spider veins. 

What Happens to Men’s Veins That Make Them Bulge

When vein wall integrity is weak, this causes veins to expand. The valves that regulate blood flow reflux- this means that blood begins flowing incorrectly in the opposite direction. This is when we see the appearance of bulging, knotty looking veins. When you visit our office, our vascular surgeons will use Duplex ultrasound imaging to look at veins below the skin to determine the degree of damage and assess which procedure will best suit you. Most of our procedures are minimally invasive and will have you back to your regular routine in approximately 24 hours. 

Remember, whether or not you experience a genetic predisposition to venous issues, your overall lifestyle is what most dictates your vein health. Diet, exercise and stress reduction all achieve one purpose- decrease inflammation. When inflammation is decreased, the cardiovascular system can thrive. Improved vein wall integrity improves, overall permeability is enhanced and venous reflux may be diminished. Our vascular surgeons will help evaluate which lifestyle factors are most important for your consideration when determining which Detroit vein treatment will be best for you. 

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