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Why Fall is the Best Time to Get Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

September 9, 2022

As the weather gets cooler, you may be itching to cover your bulging varicose veins or visible spider veins with longer pants or stockings, concealing the problem until the sun returns in spring. You may be surprised to learn that fall is the ideal time to invest in your legs, while they remain largely unseen until the temperature rises in spring and summer. Read on to find out why fall is the best time to get your varicose vein and spider vein treatments out of the way and make the most of your summer!

Why Now? Why Fall?

No two pairs of legs are alike, just as no two patients will receive exactly the same care plan when seeking vein treatment. Vein disease is a very common, progressive condition that varies from person to person based on a multitude of factors. Genetics, lifestyle choices, gender, age, and whether or not a patient has postponed seeing a board-certified vein doctor to treat their unique symptoms will all impact the severity of a person’s vein disease. Because of this, vein treatment options will vary from patient to patient. While patients report seeing and feeling meaningful relief after as little as one treatment, full results usually require a series of treatments as part of an individual vein care plan. One patient may need two appointments to see full results, another may need several before the physical symptoms and visible signs of their venous insufficiency are fully resolved. Fortunately, treatments are very quick and covered by most insurance.

Each vein treatment focuses on a specific area of one of your legs. The vein treatments we offer at our state-of-the-art clinics are minimally invasive and designed to keep you active and able to tackle your typical day-to-day activities with little to no downtime. By focusing on a targeted area, your doctor is able to carefully treat unhealthy veins while enabling rapid healing and recovery between appointments. Some medicines used in vein treatments, such as Varithena and Sclerotherapy, are designed to be administered in small, localized doses for optimal results. Though full results may take time, incremental improvements are both seen and felt after each individual treatment.

Sclerotherapy, for example, offers noticeable improvement to both the visible and invisible symptoms of vein disease after only one treatment, yet full and permanent results will be achieved after one or more follow-up appointments with your vein doctor. Veins will fade between treatments, but to permanently reabsorb the vein and remove visible webs of damaged veins, patients typically return for a second and third appointment. At Metro Vein Centers, we treat one leg at a time to keep our patients as mobile and free of discomfort as possible, so if one leg requires a spider vein treatment and the other requires varicose vein removal, or if one leg requires more than one treatment, multiple sessions will be scheduled.

Vein treatment is often marketed as a “one and done” medical or merely cosmetic option, leaving patients surprised if their doctor recommends multiple treatments. Starting your vein treatments in fall gives you and your vein doctor the longest runway to achieve maximum results and follow-up as necessary in time for the summer sun.

Most people ignore their symptoms until they want to show off their legs, and they are then disappointed that complete results take a little time. Starting in fall will have you leaping this hurdle without any more effort than it takes to get to your nearest vein clinic!

Insurance Deductibles

Another major reason behind fall being the best possible time to receive vein care is the turnover for insurance plans. Most plans renew at the beginning of the new year, rolling the expenses that went into reaching your deductible back to zero. If your deductible resets on January 1st, it’s likely you’ve already met your deductible by the time the leaves change color in autumn.

If a patient pursues vein treatment with their deductible met, they are more likely to have considerable or oftentimes full coverage benefits with little to no out-of-pocket fees. You may end up saving a substantial amount of money in medical expenses if you schedule your vein treatments in fall with your fully-met or partially-met deductible. We are determined to help our patients access best-in-class treatment at the lowest possible cost to them. Nobody should have to live with the pain or shame of vein disease when there are multiple FDA-approved treatments available and covered by the vast majority of insurance providers. We work with over 200 insurance plans to ensure the best possible coverage for our patients suffering from the painful, visible symptoms of vein disease. Call us this fall to schedule your free evaluation at a Metro Vein Centers vein clinic near you, and we will work directly with your insurance provider on your behalf to ensure you get the treatment you need and the maximum coverage possible.

Sun Exposure

Another vital factor to weigh when considering vein treatment is healing time and the post-care protocol patients must adhere to in order to achieve the best results. Most vein treatments will require the use of compression stockings for a limited amount of time following a procedure. These tight garments are wonderful for promoting healthy blood circulation, but can also be less than ideal to wear in the warmer months, serving as heat magnets for your sensitive legs. In fall however, the heat is far less of a concern for the New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Connecticut residents seeking care in our clinics. As the colder months roll in and the temperature drops, compression socks can actually work to your benefit in more ways than one. A hidden layer of long stockings beneath the fabric of your pants or skirt will keep you warmer without any unflattering bulk. In fact, many members of our medical staff style their compression stockings with their autumn and winter wardrobe! There’s more to these aftercare products than just swelling reduction and improvement to circulation—It’s fashion-forward, too! Put a little spring in your step this fall with the complimentary compression stockings you receive after your first vein treatment at Metro Vein Centers.

With the changing seasons comes a reduction in UV exposure. Direct sun exposure can be damaging to just-treated legs. Cutera’s excel-V+ laser, a 100% non-invasive and very popular treatment for removing spider veins, requires patients to keep out of direct sunlight for a period of time following treatment. When you’re already planning on wearing longer pants, tights, or leggings to keep warm in the windy fall chill, sun exposure concerns take care of themselves. Your closet can actually protect you from some of the essential aftercare restrictions. Seeking vein treatment in the dead of summer may keep you away from the beach more than you would like in order to protect your legs from harmful UV rays. Don’t wait until you’re trying on last year’s bathing suit to invest in next summer’s legs. Remember that full results take time, often multiple appointments with your vein doctor, and results can be impacted by exposure to the sun. There’s no better time to embrace the nip in the air and let it keep you on top of protecting your post-treatment legs.

Plus, any minor bruising you may experience following injection therapies, such as Sclerotherapy or Varithena, or any small bandages you may need to wear after radiofrequency ablation or microphlebectomy will be concealed by your longer, more full-coverage clothing options. When the weather demands these less revealing staples to keep warm, we let them do the heavy lifting for us. If you are feeling insecure about how your legs look pre or post-treatment, fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to some easily hidden vein care.

Safety Comes First

Waiting for spring or summer to tackle uncomfortable or painful symptoms in an attempt to be beach-ready after a single appointment is a mistake we see often in our vein clinics. It’s ill-advised to ignore any medical symptoms that arise at anytime of year, especially if they interrupt your sleep (such as with restless legs, a varicose vein and chronic venous insufficiency side effect), negatively impact your mobility (like experiencing chronic pain when standing), or cause you any pain (like the burning sensations commonly caused by varicose veins). Summer is only one season, but your legs need and deserve proper care all year round. Vein disease is progressive, meaning it will only get worse if your symptoms are neglected. Ignoring your body’s warning signs or postponing medical care when dealing with chronic venous insufficiency can lead to worsening symptoms, further loss of mobility, new or worsening pain, and can even prove fatal in the case of DVTs. The beach can wait, but your body will not— investing in your health when you first notice symptoms is the safest option.

Progressive diseases must be tackled head-on to prevent far more serious complications from arising. Regardless of the weather, if you notice a telltale bulging, twisted vein, it’s time to call your vein doctor and discuss varicose vein treatments or removal. Don’t wait until you want to show off your legs in the sun to deal with a medical issue. Vein care is far more than cosmetic, which is why it is covered by insurance. Seeking treatment in fall will have you reaping the rewards discussed above as you take your health into your own hands. Healthy legs don’t just look better, they feel better, too! Don’t wait for beach season to get treated for vein disease. Be beach-ready by summer with happier, healthier legs by scheduling a free evaluation at your nearest Metro Vein Centers practice this fall.

Don’t delay when it comes to vein disease. Don’t regret putting off the treatment you need and deserve. Make an appointment to have our vein and vascular specialists at Metro Vein Centers look at your unique symptoms. Get a headstart on your summertime this fall! Call 866-831-9522 today. We’re here to help.

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