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Dr. Hammoud, headshot

Dr. Marwan Hammoud, MD, RPhS

Vein Specialist, New Jersey Locations

Physician and Vein Specialist

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    Marianne T
    Posted OnSeptember 23, 2020
    Doctor Hammoud and team have been amazing! The procedures have been a breeze. I felt results within days. The paperwork and booking appointments has also been a breeze. Truly trying to let you know this is the right place and team!
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    Bhavini P
    Posted OnSeptember 19, 2020
    Dr. Hammoud and his staff are very professional and very friendly and office is very very CLEAN!! He is excellent doctor and make me very comfortable. He gives a clear information of the expectation of the treatment in simple words so I can understand the procedures. I strongly recommend Metro Vein Center in Florham Park NJ with Dr. Hammoud is amazing.
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    Malikah B
    Posted OnSeptember 4, 2020
    I was unsure of the procedure and it’s side effects but the office staff in Florham Park educated me on the procedure and the benefits. They all are very welcoming and professional. Great office staff
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    Joseph S
    Posted OnDecember 18, 2019
    Staff and Dr. Hammoud are very welcoming and professional. I was given clear explanations and reasons for treatments and discomfort was minimal. Overall, a wonderful office with outstanding staff. Appointments were conveniently scheduled and I was seen without wait time.
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    Jamie H
    Posted OnDecember 1, 2019
    When I first walked into the office last April my legs were a mess. I finished my last treatment this past month. Every time I went into the office the front staff was very welcoming. The ladies who helped with the procedures and the ultrasounds were the best. Dr Hammond exceeded my expectations. Each treatment that was done was explained thoroughly and I truly never felt any discomfort. Please if you are interested in vein care definitely go visit the Florham Park office. You won’t be disappointed. I was amazed as to the quality of care
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