One of the effective options for treating varicose, and sometimes spider veins is called sclerotherapy. It involves a tiny needle that patients typically can’t even feel. The needle injects a solution to destroy the spider veins. But some people just don’t like needles and for them, it doesn’t matter that there is no pain. It’s just the idea of a needle that bothers some individuals. Don’t worry, however, you are not stuck with your unsightly spider veins, because there is another great option. It’s called transdermal laser treatment or pulsed light therapy.

How the Laser Eliminates Spider Veins

As the name indicates, this non-invasive spider vein treatment is done with a highly focused beam of laser light. When the vein doctors wield the hand held laser device, it emits a beam of light that penetrates the skin and “zaps” away clusters of tiny spider veins. These tiny broken capillaries often appear in the cheeks, the nose area, the chest, legs and elsewhere on your body. The laser can be used in any of these locations to get rid of spider veins quickly and easily.

As the specially tuned wavelength of light hits the skin during the New Jersey vein treatment, patients feel a small snapping sensation, sort of like a rubber band hitting the skin. The laser setting is carefully calibrated and expertly focused on your red, blue or purple spider veins. It heats the tiny veins and causes them to shrivel up. (This is in contrast to sclerotherapy, where the needle injects an irritating chemical that makes the veins collapse. The end result is the same, even though the methods are different.) Soon the spider veins disappear as the body reabsorbs the dead capillaries and your blood is re-routed through nearby blood vessels.

Once your treated spider veins have disappeared, they are gone for good. However, new spider veins can develop in the same spot or in another body area. In that case, you may need a touch up spider vein treatment at the vein clinic to rid your skin of the new ones.

Is Transdermal Laser Treatment Right for You?

If you’d like to learn more about transdermal laser treatment, sclerotherapy or any of the other alternatives for spider veins, please contact us at Metro Vein Centers in New Jersey.