Keep Moving after Endovenous Laser Treatment

Exercise Can Help Promote Endovenous Laser Treatment 

If there is anything exercise physiologists have taught our vascular surgeons at our Detroit Vein Clinic, it’s keep moving with the right types of exercise! While maximum vascular wellness depends on the ebb and flow of many factors such as de-stressing, eating well and drinking plenty of healthy fluids, a lifestyle that includes at least three days of mixed exercise has been shown to offer optimal vein wellness.

How Regular Exercise Helps Promote Your Detroit Vein Treatment 

If you’re thinking you need to hit the gym seven days a week to get the lasting benefits on vascular wellness, not to worry, you can benefit from many different forms of exercise including brisk walking, Pilates, yoga, stationary biking, elliptical, swimming and recreational sports. Many studies show that regular movement reduces stress to veins by regulating their pressure and tissue viability, therefore reducing the incidence of varicose veins. When combined with our endovenous laser treatment, exercise will help improve vein healing while reducing the recurrence of varicose veins. 

Two noteworthy studies: 

A 2012 study highlighted by the International Journal of Yoga focused on how yoga helps decrease cortisol levels and regulates blood pressure resulting in reduced inflammation and improved venous health. 

Another study done by The Journal of Microvascular Research correlating exercise with vascular wellness found that following surgical vein procedures that exercise improved microvascular endothelial vasodilator function. This means that movement as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle enhanced the results of varicose vein treatment by improving the functioning of veins. 

When regular exercise is not a viable option, you can still keep blood moving. Activating the calf muscles while sitting or standing by rolling up on your toes or rolling the feet side to side helps create vascular flow. Avoid wearing high heels because the position of your calf muscle when wearing heels becomes strained and weakened. You can also ask our Detroit vein doctors about the use of compression socks and stockings. 

One of the great advantages of endovenous laser treatment is the short down time necessary after treatment. Generally speaking, our Detroit vein doctors allow patients to return to normal activity in about 24 hours. This includes most forms of exercise. Our vascular surgeons strive to help our clients reach their health and wellness goals at our Detroit vein clinic. Please ask us about which exercise programs are appropriate for your lifestyle. 

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