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When you have vein problems and concerns, you want to get relief fast. Some people are concerned about the way these vein issues look, and others are more worried about how they feel. No matter what the reason, though, treating your vein problems with a transdermal laser treatment may be the answer. This is one of the common treatments used for spider veins, because it’s non-invasive and works well. With the proper treatment, you can reduce your spider veins or completely eliminate them quickly and efficiently. That makes you feel better and improves the look of your legs, helping you to be more comfortable in several ways.

What Is Transdermal Laser Treatment?

Transdermal laser treatment is a non-invasive option for spider vein removal. It uses pulsed light therapy and doesn’t require an incision or other type of invasive treatment. While this isn’t the right option for everyone, it can be highly effective for spider veins in the legs of both men and women. The veins are heated from the outside through the use of light. With the level of heat they are exposed to, the veins simply close up. After that happens these spider veins are reabsorbed by the body, where they disappear and are no longer seen on or near the surface of the skin.

Ask Questions of Your Doctor

Before you have this type of laser treatment, be sure to ask your doctor questions. While this is a very safe and effective treatment, you always want to know what to expect. If there are any risks you should know what these are, and you also want to be sure you understand the level of benefits you’ll get. Whether you can expect the spider veins to disappear completely is something to consider, as is whether there will be pain or discomfort and how long the disappearance of the spider veins is expected to take. By talking with your doctor first, you can feel comfortable with the procedure and what to expect from and after it.