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“Metro Vein Centers in Dearborn has been a life saver for me after years of issues with my legs. The staff is very professional and kind to their patients. It was very efficient with quick service.”
“Metro Vein Centers couldn't have been more caring and professional throughout the treatments. My legs have never felt better! If I had to do it over again, I would absolutely choose MVC.”
“I visited Metro Vein Centers in Dearborn and was met with a wonderful and polite staff. The doctor was also friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to my procedure.”
“Dr. Schulz is one of the best around. He has a well-informed way of telling you exactly what might be going on without making it sound overly complicated.”
“My mother recommended me to Metro Vein Centers and they made me feel like family. I was extremely happy to finally find out what was wrong with my legs and also to know they would take care of me.”
“Dr. Schulz is a hero. We got along in a way that put my worries at ease, considering I had a pretty serious case of varicose veins. I’m very grateful for him.”
“The Dearborn office has been exceptionally good with my treatments. The office setting is a warm and comfortable environment. The staff is very friendly and make me feel like family.”
“Dr. Schulz was able to quickly diagnose something that I thought would end up being a major surgery someday, but he used top-of-the-line technology to alleviate my pain once and for all.”
“My experience with the doctor and staff members at Metro Vein Centers has been exceptional. The vein treatment and the second procedure on my veins went well! The doctor and staff members were very informative, answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable. Thank you all!”
“I am happy I went to Metro Vein Centers in Dearborn! They are very professional. They answered all of my questions and the procedure that was done on me went well! Thanks!”
“Dr. Schulz and the staff in this office make me feel so at ease during my appointments. I would definitely recommend the Dearborn location.”
Je DonnaDearborn
“After the second session I have already felt improvement with my restless leg. I have suffered so many years with restless leg syndrome and finally relief! I can’t thank you all at Metro Vein Centers enough!”
“My experience was great from the moment I arrived. The receptionist and staff were very friendly and made me laugh. My doctor was amazing, loved his energy and he was very thorough with explaining everything. I left feeling I was in good hands.”
“Everyone is friendly and compassionate. I felt comfortable with my staff. Informative throughout the whole process and procedure.”
“They’re very kind and capable. The lady that did my ultrasound was very considerate and professional. The doctor is very professional and kind.”
“Very friendly. Knowledgeable. Good listener and happy staff. I very much recommend it!”
“I was very impressed by everyone I met. They could all answer my questions. They explained what they were going to do and how it worked. If you are looking to work on your legs, go to Metro Vein Centers.”
“I love it here at Metro Vein Centers clinic nurses are very patient and nicely answer all your questions with no problems. I recommend anyone that needs to go here, go!”
“Awesome experience. The front desk workers were amazing and very welcoming!”
“I love the experience with Metro Vein Centers. My doctor is super nice and his assistants are as well. I encourage anyone that has vein problems: hurting legs, swelling, etc, to make an appointment today. Thank you!”
“I have varicose and spider veins, so I had the procedure done today. It really wasn't painful, just a little prick from the needle.”
“Been here twice so far and both times have been a pleasant visit. The staff is very professional as well as the doctor.”
“Very friendly staff and the doctor is kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. Puts me at ease every time!”
“My doctor is awesome. She does a great job and she explained everything to me. I would recommend Metro Vein Centers to everybody. Very happy!”
“My nana says she is very impressed with the whole operation of Metro Vein Centers! From office staff to personal attention from MAs & PAs! Doctors are great!”
“The service I received at Metro Vein Center superseded all my expectations. Tanisha was kind, professional and courteous to all my medical needs. I felt relaxed and relieved that I was receiving the best service from the medical staff and lovely receptionists.”
“Always a very clean facility! The staff and doctor are very friendly, personable, and thorough! Very satisfied.”
“Very friendly staff. Went in for an appointment, Dr. Wilsher was amazing. She explained everything in detail. Definitely recommend Dr. Wilsher and her staff!”
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