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“Very friendly and professional staff. Today was my first visit and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment. On the road to healthy veins!”
PassionBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Dr. Sethi is so kind and a very good surgeon. I would highly recommend him for anyone with vein concerns. He treated both me and my sister and it has been an amazing experience.”
MaryBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I tell all my friends about Metro Vein Center! Dr. Sethi is awesome and does amazing work. The staff is absolutely fantastic.”
BwegBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Dr. Sethi has a wonderful manner and his staff was excellent as well. I would definitely go back.”
TeresaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I’m halfway through my treatments and so far I am astounded. Everything has been stellar! The doctor is amazing, and I’ve had quick healing. I’m so happy I came.”
ToinéBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The staff are amazing; very knowledgeable, patient, and caring. The office is clean and well organized, and there are no long waits. I can’t wait to go back soon!”
JenniferBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I have not had any pain in my legs since visiting Dr. Sethi. He got to the bottom of what was bothering me and pinpointed exactly the best way to deal with it.”
DianeBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The staff were the best from the very start, I felt very welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Sethi was great at helping me understand everything. My legs are feeling so much better.”
JeanetteBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I tell all my friends about Metro Vein Centers. Dr. Sethi is awesome and does amazing procedures. The staff is absolutely fantastic.”
E. AimBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The examination and treatment were very good! This is the best procedure: I did not feel any pain. Thank you very much!”
ErikaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Thank you very much for your excellent attention, professionalism, and dedication. It's like coming home. Kindness, closeness, and accessibility. Thank you again!”
CesarBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The doctor and staff are always very professional, knowledgeable, and always in great spirits. Definitely will recommend anyone to Metro Vein Centers.”
NashaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I think it’s a very nice place to visit! Everyone there was nice and professional at what they do, that’s why I have an appointment to go back.”
CarlisleBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I visited Metro Vein Centers and was very skeptical in the beginning, but after consultation with the doctor I was convinced that this procedure would be good for me. When the doctor came into the room and assured me that I would be fine, I felt better and after the procedure I had no pain. Happy patient!”
AllisonBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I was seen quickly, the staff was friendly. I went for a touch up as I had previously had my leg veins treated with injections and lasers. I am very satisfied with the result.”
SomanaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“They were very nice at the reception desk, and Dr. Sethi explained everything to me very clearly step-by-step. He was really nice, and he answered all of my questions. I would recommend Metro Vein Centers!”
JuliaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Great environment to go get your legs checked. Friendly staff going beyond the call of duty. Also they have the latest state of the art equipment. Thanks again to the doctor and staff!”
AndrewBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The doctor is great. I had pain in my leg and when I came to him, he fixed my left leg and I do not feel any pain now. The staff is amazing. I recommend to everyone!!”
MariaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Beautiful office, really friendly staff. The doctor was super nice and professional.”
HilaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“The staff is very professional and made me feel comfortable. I am pleased with the results, my legs feel much better. I have already referred this center to a friend.”
DebraBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“I had a procedure done today. It was so quick and didn't hurt at all. The doctor and the staff were really nice and gentle. Thank you so much!”
SevdeBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Dr. Sethi is the man who gets you jumping like Michael Jordan. Before my treatment I couldn’t walk or stand from terrible pain. The staff are super kind and caring. God bless you, Dr. Sethi and office staff.”
AsheBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Dr. Sethi has a gift to heal from the pain I suffered for so many years. The staff is very polite and keep a smile all the time. Metro Vein Centers are the best. Thank you for helping me and my legs too.”
AngelBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“From the moment I started the online booking process, to the person who called me to schedule my appointment, to the day of my appointment with all the staff and Dr. Sethi, the experience was amazing. Everyone is very attentive, friendly, helpful, and professional! Thank you, all!”
PatriciaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“My experience was really good from the beginning. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, including the doctor. I am starting the treatments for my veins, I am so excited!”
CrisselBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Very professional and helpful. Dr. Sethi explained how veins work in our body. I highly recommend them, you will feel the welcoming vibe.”
RitaBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“Thank you Dr. Sethi and team! I have had very good results with him and am improving every day. Thank you very much.”
EvelinBrooklyn, Williamsburg
“From the moment you arrive, all the staff are very professional and friendly. Effective, high-quality treatment. Thank you to Dr. Sethi and his staff!”
CarmenBrooklyn, Williamsburg
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