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“Everyone was very friendly & professional. I have had magnificent results from the treatments I have received. My results have been fast-paced. I recommend Metro Vein Centers 100%.”
ZuleimaManhattan, Midtown
“Dr Mandy is amazing, as is the rest of the team. I was nervous, but he made me feel comfortable and let me know in detail what was going to happen, making sure that I understood everything before and after the visit.”
SonyaManhattan, Midtown
“I have been getting some bothersome veins treated at Metro Vein Centers and I'm so pleased with the results. I really appreciated that the procedures were explained thoroughly beforehand as well as the aftercare.”
MaryManhattan, Midtown
“Dr Mandy is great! I have had five visits so far and he clearly explains the process and procedures each time. He is also one of the nicest and well-mannered people I have ever met. He is gentle and careful.”
MariaManhattan, Midtown
“Although I am afraid of needles, I was made to feel relaxed and at ease. I even ended up laughing in the end. I no longer have huge swelling in my lower legs and ankles. Job well done.”
DarleneManhattan, Midtown
“Dr. Mandy is a delight and he explains whatever procedure he will perform both before and during. With him you never have to feel nervous about asking questions, as he puts you at ease.”
SandraManhattan, Midtown
“Incredible team of doctors, nurses, and receptionists! Treatment went well and I feel so much better now. The office has a zen-like atmosphere. I highly recommend them!”
MadinaManhattan, Midtown
“Dr. Mandy is what we all wish a doctor would be: he's knowledgeable and attentive, doesn't rush you out of his office, and, above all, he really cares about his patients I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
SiennaManhattan, Midtown
“They are friendly, attentive, engaging, and they always make sure you are taken care of. They make sure you are comfortable in every phase of the treatment. I don’t have one bad thing to say, and I’m a picky person!”
DorianManhattan, Midtown
“Dr. Mandy is amazing. His bedside manners are impeccable and he explains everything before and after. I am very satisfied so far with the outcome of my treatments. I’m very grateful.”
NancyManhattan, Midtown
“Very informative! The people are kind and courteous. They explained everything to me in detail. Great experience overall. Definitely highly recommend!”
DarleneManhattan, Midtown
“It was my first appointment with them. Excellent care and respect for patients. I really like how they work as a team: from the assistants to the doctors, they’re excellent people. I was very delighted with them.”
XiomaraManhattan, Midtown
“Very professional and knowledgeable. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable receiving expert medical care. Staff was very courteous and professional. Walked away impressed with the overall experience.”
GiselaManhattan, Midtown
“Dr. Mandy has been helping me the past two years. Very professional, informative, and all of my procedures have gone so well. I’ve been through a lot of doctors trying to get help and he is the first to help me with my legs. I highly recommend him.”
IsabellaManhattan, Midtown
“Staff are very professional and courteous, and the appointments run on time. The doctor explained the procedure and took his time to listen to my concerns.”
JessicaManhattan, Midtown
“I cannot recommend this incredible medical practice high enough. Dr. Mandy, the nurses, and the staff are all absolutely amazing. I am on my way to full recovery! If you need help like I did, please call them and make an appointment. You will never regret it.”
CharlieManhattan, Midtown
“Dr. Mandy and his staff are well trained on how to interact with their patients. I'm very happy with their services. Explained the way they're willing to help you. Thank you!”
TonyManhattan, Midtown
“Meticulous, approachable, and understanding. They make you feel very comfortable and encourage you when you’re feeling a little nervous. They explain in detail whatever questions you may have. They have caring hands!”
LilyManhattan, Midtown
“It is one of the best clinics here in Manhattan. They’re super clean and attentive. I am very grateful to the clinic and the staff that work there, thank you very much!”
JoseManhattan, Midtown
“Excellent service. Very organized and clean. Dr. Mandy is the best! Highly recommended.”
GloriaManhattan, Midtown
“Friendly, informative and makes you feel at ease. My spider veins are basically gone. I am so thrilled with the results!! I highly recommend coming here! Great prices and great service.”
DanielleManhattan, Midtown
“The moment you come to the office you feel like a VIP. Always smiling and very polite. Doctors are very professional, know how to listen to the patient and answer all questions. I definitely recommend visiting this office if you have a vein problem.”
EllaManhattan, Midtown
“The atmosphere is cool and collected. The employees are professional and respectful. My scans were reviewed and a plan for my wellness was put into place.”
ChelasManhattan, Midtown
“I had a good experience at Metro Vein Centers. The place is very clean and the people there are great and professional. I did an ultrasound, soon I'll do a procedure for my varicose veins.”
AnaManhattan, Midtown
“The ultrasound technician was very personable and professional. She checked in to know if I was okay during the procedure which can be a rare amenity given in the city. Good job Metro Vein Centers.”
JacquelineManhattan, Midtown
“Great doctor and staff, Dr. Ha is very professional and goes into detail on any procedure.”
AniaManhattan, Midtown
“The best place to treat your veins in New York. My legs are feeling and looking brand new and healthy thanks to Dr. Mandy and his crew. I will miss this place!”
UrsulaManhattan, Midtown
“I am thrilled that I found Metro Vein Centers. Dr. Mandy is incredible, trustworthy, and good at what he does. The staff is wonderful. Thank you for your help and listening ear.”
RoseManhattan, Midtown
“This was the best thing I did for my health in the last few years, and I'm very careful about my health. Everyone there is very professional, kind, and perfect. The doctors, nurses, and technicians are fantastic. I got the best results.”
SandraManhattan, Midtown
“My experience was excellent. Dr. Ha, his assistant, and the staff at Metro Vein Centers are friendly, caring, and medically expert. Issues are diagnosed and treatments are applied efficiently without pain or bruising. A pleasant time.”
BonnieManhattan, Midtown
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